Caring For Your Cypress Furniture

To enhance the longevity of your cypress furniture, it is recommended that  a wood sealer or an oil stain be applied. Follow the instructions on the container to apply the product.

The basic guidelines below are primarily for wood sealer application. For oil stain see the product container for directions. Always follow the instructions supplied with the finishing product.

  • When sealing used furniture, fill a bucket with lukewarm water and a mild detergent formulated for wood surfaces as directed on the label. DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER. It will raise the grain and produce a rough surface that will have to be resanded! Newly purchased furniture does not need to be prepared before applying the sealer.

  • Scrub the furniture thoroughly to remove dirt and algae, set the furniture in the sun to dry. Do not apply the sealer until the furniture is thoroughly dry as this will seal in the moisture.

  • Select a high quality wood sealer (water repellent) brand of choice. The product will penetrate the grain of the wood and prevent moisture from entering the grain. To keep your recently purchased furniture looking new, use a product that contains UV protection. Products without UV protection allow the wood to turn a natural weathered color while still acting as a preservative.

  • Choose a day when the air temperature is within the specific temperature requirements noted on the product container. If the product approves the use of a garden sprayer to apply it, choose a day that is not too windy as to avoid overspray. We recommend placing the furniture on a drop cloth to protect the underlying surface.

  • Apply the product using a paint brush or a garden sprayer as directed on the product container. Apply the product to all sides and ends of the wood. Try to apply the product evenly. Allow the furniture to dry for the amount of time specified on the product label.


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