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Due to the passing of Terry Carter, Carter's Cypress Crafts is no longer in business.

We have no left over items in stock. 

I would like to thank our customers for the 19 years of entrusting us with your outdoor furniture needs.


Carter's Cypress Crafts

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We do Cypress in a very comfortable and special way, we incorporate STAINLESS STEEL FASTENERS and a WATERPROOF GLUE. Cypress swings, rockers and chairs made with Stainless Steel construction, a great combination and with the contoured fit you have the most comfortable furniture you will ever find.

About Cypress

The Cypress tree grows mainly along the southern coastlines and inland areas. The tree produces an oil called cypressine which acts as a natural preservative within the wood. This inherent characteristic of the Southern Cypress makes it durable and extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions and insects.

Cypress wood lacks sap and doesn't bleed. Its color varies in shades of light to dark honey. If left outdoors unfinished in its natural state, the appearance of the wood will become a light pewter color over time.

The lumber is lightweight, scarce of knots, medium textured, and dimensionally stable with a closed straight grain. Cypress wood compliments any interior or exterior architectural style from Rustic, Traditional to Modern.

Cypress siding has been commonly used for years on coastal and resort homes. It was also used by colonial builders for their homes, cisterns, barns, cotton gins, warehouses, boat building and docks. Cypress wood has even been reused from 100 year old structures. Other beneficial uses today include: porches, bridges, shingles, shutters and greenhouse construction. Considering all of this, coupled with the fact the we use STAINLESS STEEL hardware (screws, bolts, nuts, etc), it then makes our furniture very desirable products.

Terry & Diane Carter

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Diane Carter
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